Sunday, November 1, 2015

X Factor UK 2015 - 6 Chair Challenge (Girls) [VIDEO]

Special thanks to Anthony Ying who uploaded the full clips for the rest of world that only can watch online via Youtube.

Here's the 6 Chair challenge for Girls category.

Katie Coleman - first girl for the category fights for 6 chair challenge and wasn't good enough to get the seat.

Karen Mav - first girl to take the seat but it ain't for long :(

Chloe Baker - It wasn't good but she got the seat though.

Monica Michael - It felt like she did her best trying to get the seat because she lost it last year in X Factor UK (2014) 6 chair challenge

Sharon Rose - I just couldn't remember her. No wonder she didn't make it in the end.

Chloe Paige - Simon loves her. I love her. She got the whole package.

Charli Beard - I remembered her auditions. Blown the judges and audience away! But could she make it to final 6? Continue...

Louisa Johnson - I think itv purposely put her in this position where someone from the seat is definitely, definitely going to lose the chair and hand it to Louisa Johnson! INSANE vocalist! And to be honest, I bet she will be in the top 3 finalist of X Factor UK 2015!

Havva Rebke - She is the only unique style from the rest of girls category. You will be surprised in the end.

Kiera Weathers - Love her for her HAIR. Love her for her story in the song.

Kelly Mai - I seriously had no idea what have she just done! Just listen...! It's like she giving it up?

Lucy Duffield - I love her but I can't see her in final 6...cos X Factor is also about the whole package.

Sophie Plumb - Out of luck ~

Lauren Murray - One of the best in girls category.

Final 6 Girls are : Louisa Johnson, Monica Michael, Chloe Paige, Havva Rebke, Kiera Weathers, Lauren Murray.

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