Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Experience of Selling Car to Direct Buyer

10 Dec 2015 - Put up the ads in carlist.my (approved by carlist).

15 Dec 2015 - Potential buyer text me via whatsapp to inquire about my ads. 

19 Dec 2015 
  • Potential buyer came to view the car. TWO potential buyers view my car at the same time. For safety purpose, I meet them in my condo's visitor bay. 
  • One viewer really interested in my car and even test drive it. Immediately he agrees with the offer price. But another young viewer just see thru the car & within 5 min left.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Reveal of lazybun's Unit (Before & After)

Previously I published a post of > renovation progress < in The Capers by YTL page. Always wanted to do before & after showcase, so I took bare unit photos. Now finally I can do it. Not really good at words on this, but everything I say come from my heart true feeling.
Good & Bad, I will shout it out loud. Please pardon me...

Well, just for the info, we do not have major renovation. In fact, not even major wall hacking or extra/moving power outlets. 
YTL have done pretty bad workmanship for this Capers, so we were very careful on things to modify. If unnecessary, we would just avoid doing it.

Here I show photos of unit before and after renovation. I don't have proper camera, so every pictures are taken with my phone camera. And I'm sorry for the amateur photography.

 Dry Kitchen (before) : I know. Where's the wet kitchen then, you'll ask. Well, malas to explain. Ask YTL's Capers unit layout design team.

Friday, January 1, 2016


The below video published on 27/12/2015 until today only 5 days AND already hit more than 1million view hits! Currently it stands 1,177,725 view. 

It is actually a cover by ChiliTomato Production, taking 3 popular songs & make it one mv hit song. Awesome job! Even myself seldom listen to Chinese song, now I'm overwhelming for this one. 

In the last part of the MV, the guy sitting on the bike were saying: 

"You've watched it, if you like it, please help to share it out. Thank you."

Thanks for the cover ;)

ChiliTomato Production拿了两首旧歌和一首最近超红的歌曲,然后配搭一起变成一首歌。