Apple Watch - Think Twice Before You Buy

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Apple Watch finally arrived in Malaysia. It has been so long since the launch of Apple Watch. But now most youngsters in Malaysia are going to spend a lot of money on this Apple Watch. 

According to Machines Malaysia, the Apple Watch is coming to their stores on 15/1/2016 and also you can purchase online now through Apple Malaysia website. 

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I would urge anyone who is interested to buy this Apple Watch, to think twice before you buy, because you don't wanna buy an expensive piece of junk. 
It is seriously unnecessary and not practical yet. 
Nothing to be proud of by having an Apple Watch of any edition. 
If you really just wanna show off, I would suggest buy a real watch though. 
Anyway, the call is yours. 
I'm just saying this based on my experience.

I got this Apple Watch from someone during Christmas 2015 & fortunately I did not spend a cent for it. 
It is Apple Watch Sport Edition 42mm, definitely not from Malaysia.
Just like most of you would, I was proud of it. 
Putting it on my wrist and going out malls. 
And that's it. 

Let's not talk about the pros. I'm sure you can get all of that in official Apple website. Now let me show you the Apple Watch that I got & used (rarely) just less than 2 months and how it looks like now.

First I got a scratch on the corner. 
Hmm, call me stupid that I don't buy a watch casing. But hey, it supposed to be a damn watch. Why do you need a case for! 
Anyway, nothing can be done if you have a scratch like that. 

What happened to this watch next is the sport band.
See the photos for proof.

"Durable and strong" the words used by Apple in their website.
Maybe it is just my bad luck.
Please don't say my sweat causing this cos it is not. The inner part of the band is totally fine, only the outside.
But I believe this is caused by the friction between the band & ground. 
Check this out :

I can't imagine if those sport men wearing the Apple Watch for all sort of exercise. 
I would definitely believe the sweat will cause even more damage to the band. And RM 249 a band is not cheap at all. 

It is fancy watch, no doubt. But please think twice before you buy.
Is it necessary item that you need to have? If not, save that almost RM 2k for a better cause. 
Well if you're wealthy and RM 2k is nothing, then pamper yourself with it. Just a piece of my advise, don't buy Apple Watch Sport. However having say that, I am not sure the quality of other Apple Watch. You'll experience it yourself. 
Good luck to all of you :)

Lastly, I'll keep monitoring when do I need to change another band. Oh yeah, by the way, the Apple Watch Sport comes with two bands. Not sure about coming Malaysia version, but mine has two bands originally.

This is not a post for reviewing on Apple Watch in terms of functionality & etc.
This is just my personal experience within less than 2 months, with Apple Watch Sport 42mm.
Again, think twice before you buy :)