Monday, January 4, 2016

Reveal of lazybun's Unit (Before & After)

Previously I published a post of > renovation progress < in The Capers by YTL page. Always wanted to do before & after showcase, so I took bare unit photos. Now finally I can do it. Not really good at words on this, but everything I say come from my heart true feeling.
Good & Bad, I will shout it out loud. Please pardon me...

Well, just for the info, we do not have major renovation. In fact, not even major wall hacking or extra/moving power outlets. 
YTL have done pretty bad workmanship for this Capers, so we were very careful on things to modify. If unnecessary, we would just avoid doing it.

Here I show photos of unit before and after renovation. I don't have proper camera, so every pictures are taken with my phone camera. And I'm sorry for the amateur photography.

 Dry Kitchen (before) : I know. Where's the wet kitchen then, you'll ask. Well, malas to explain. Ask YTL's Capers unit layout design team.

Dry kitchen (after) : The design is based on default layout. YTL had done the water outlet, drainage & a power outlet as well on the floor (In terms of common sense & practicality, please enlighten me about power outlet next to drainage practice..anyone? HAHAHA). Anyway, so we do not want to do any hacking on the marble because of the uneven-color of the compressed marble from new ordering & only-God-knows when the new order will be available. Therefore, Bofi drafted the dry kitchen layout for us. The fridge should be in the oven's position originally. Due to incorrect measurement of compartment modules, and also it is wisely to put the fridge as above position to smoothen the work schedule & our very own convenience :) 

Lounge (before) : This photo is the closest I could find in my album, to compare the next one.

Lounge (after) : Everything is complete. No more buying for this lounge! Can't fit in any more designer piece though. [pic 29/12/2015]

Lounge (after) : Update. Removed the plant. Replaced the blue-top coffee table with Urban Edge's. [pic 12/3/2016]

Lounge II (before) : The wall has a door-size manhole used by workers to move things between two units (next unit). Some crack lines I can see on the wall & most owners know about this. Not a big deal in property construction I guess. 

Lounge II (after) : Shelves on the wall & a mini work station.  

Lounge III (before) : It was supposed to have a partition for the entrance walkway all the way to the tempered full-glass wall, instead Developer removed it & give us this granite stone wall. I find it unnecessary and need to take real good care for it. If you put one stain on the wall, don't think you can clean the shxt. lol 

Lounge III (after) : This photo taken just now before writing this paragraph during noon time. The purpose is to mapping my bare unit photos. Pardon me for the etiolated plants and the table lamp. Table lamp is not supposed to be there, but it is such a beautiful piece we bought 6 years ago. Temporarily placed it there for display visual. lol. 

Wet Kitchen (before) : It is so dark and I do not understand why given such tiles for the wet kitchen by Developer. There's supposed to be a partition sliding door (stated in SPA) just before that door-to-maid's room. I guess Developer cancelled it after reconsideration of the area being too narrow for wet kitchen. Can we get compensation on this ? Because it is stated in SPA though. 

Wet Kitchen (after) : The lighting color isn't the same as shown in the pic. Its more to warm-white light. I modified the color to make it brighter in this pic. Now if you notice the dryer & washer are at the corner, that area supposed to be the yard stated in SPA. 


An image can speak a thousand words. 
Yes, I agree, in a way. 
But without writing in details explaining whats behind the image, speaks the truth.
That's the difference!

Hope you like what you see/read here. Any question, please leave the comment below :)


  1. Hi, the design is inspiring! Mind to share how much it cost you for the entire renovation? Thanks.