Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Replica of Ernest Zacharevic's Street Art in Guangzhou China

The famous street art in Penang 'Little Children on a bicycle" and "Reaching Up" by Ernest Zacharevic has been found in Guangzhou, China.

Two days ago, my friend from Guangzhou wechat me one photo of him with "Little Children on a bicycle". So I thought he must be in Penang for vacation. After seeing the picture in closer look, I found out something different from the one in Penang. The wall. In the end, my friend told me it was taken in Guangzhou, which means there are a few street art done by Ernest Zacharevic replicated in China. 

Shouldn't be surprised because we all know China has good copycat skill. Still, I was shocked. Here's the photo from my friend & the one I took when I was in Penang few months back : Little Children on a Bicycle.

Above pic is from my friend in Guangzhou. Below pic is mine & that's my finger in the photo. See the difference?