Sunday, June 26, 2016

St. Regis Kuala Lumpur | Lazybun's 31st Birthday

I don't really celebrate my birthday with friends & family, but this year is a bit different.

Booked a suite in St. Regis Hotel KL for 2 nights. Mom & sis came to have meal with me for my birthday. On the same day, invited friends to our 1400sqft suite for a gathering.

People might think I'm spending money like water, but to be honest, someone arranged for it as usual. Thanks love. Rather to spend the money to go oversea with exhausting journey, why not pick a hotel to stay for few nights & have a little friends & family gathering. Haha.

I wanna say thank you my love for allowing me to indulge myself in such luxurious way. 
Special thanks to my mom & sis who came all the way just to have a lunch with me. Sorry got you guys lost in KL Sentral, Waze sometimes is misleading. 
Thank you all my friends for coming. It's short hours but hey parking in hotel is expensive! Kekeke!

Here's the compilation in video.

Top 4 America's Got Talent GOLDEN BUZZER 2016

Here's is the list of ALL Golden Buzzer in America's Got Talent 2016 !
Special thanks to Anthony Ying who uploads all the full clips of the show. 

Laura Bretan [13yo] - Golden Buzzer by Mel B