Sunday, January 13, 2019

Airbnb Host - FREE Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

I always wanted a smoke detector for Nic's Pad. I believe I could get it from Ace Hardware or DIY store, but I just brain freeze or lazy to go & get it. After all, I do not think my Airbnb guest would smoke inside the bedroom or toilet or living room, and I got a balcony for them to smoke with ashtray prepared on the foldable table. The info & rules are in my Airbnb page. But you know what, better to be safe than sorry. Just install one anyway. 

Then, I login to Airbnb website (because Airbnb app doesn't display info as much as website) today because I want to find the snippet code to embed my listing on my blog page (turns out no more badge code but I work out one of my own. See right side of the page), and accidentally found out that Airbnb is giving out FREE smoke detector! (Not sure it has been there for a long time or just recently because I have been using Airbnb app since my first booking. Kekeke)

So, it seem to be pure luck because I hardly login website nowadays & it is free somemore. I just gotta grab it. And I'm going to tell my friends about it. Yeah, few of them are actually Airbnb host as well. 

Here's where you can find it in Airbnb website (after login, if you're a host):

[Below] Click on Learn more button in 'Check or install detector' box.

[Below] Click on 'Get one for free' button.

[Below] Then, you fill up the shipping address. 

Finally, you will get email notification about it. Next, you just have to wait 4-8 weeks (no promise. lol) for your free smoke detector. Cheers.

Note: I will update this post when I get my free smoke detector from Airbnb.