The Capers YTL

I do not completely follow the construction progress of The Capers, but I do have some photos to share. These photos are taken when I passing by and from condo I'm staying in.

Photos by iPhone 4S.

Photos by iPhone 5S, after 15/10/2013.

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Note (edited at 2013-10-15): Change the photo stream according to descending date in order to see the latest update. 

2015 September

2015 January 19th
There will be no more update on The Capers from now. If you wanna view more photos, please stay tuned. I will update an video of my photos compilation. Sorry for the watermark on photos, I'm a copyright-particular person. Hehehe.

2015 January 7th 
Got the key on 7/1/2015. Didn't have enough time to take more photos of common areas because were busy on quick tour guide + unit inspection. Then raining in the afternoon. However still managed to take a few. After collecting the key, feel like no point taking photos of common area because going to stay in and not necessary to show the public of the common areas. But just for sharing, a few pics will do I guess. Hope you enjoy this. 

Block D - LR + Block C - HR (right)

Block B - Low rise.

Block B - Low rise.

Low Rise ground floor.

Temple, Church, LRT, Methodist School

Link bridge from Capers to D6

Walking on water 

Fennel in the progress (background)

Block C - taken from inside

Block C

For those who didn't believe it is actually zigzag on each floor..check this out!

Children playground

Block A - Lobby

Workers busy doing work.

HR lift corridor

common area

2014 December 15th
Waiting for letter today :-)

2014 December 14th
All the owners are anxiously waiting for the VP date. 
The info I have now is, the letter will be issuing out on 15th December 2014 and it is batch by batch.
Not sure which block will get it first. 
Here's some of the photos taken at night. 
Wanna view it one more time before we get the letter.

Bomba / emergency entrance gate

Public pedestrian walkway 

Front entrance

Block A (highrise)

Block C

2014 October 6th

Bomba drive-way. 

2014 September 1st

2014 August 23rd

Eventually light up !

Pedestrian walkway's plant final touch up.

Final touch up with gravel & grass.

2014 August 16th

Tall trees being planted today.

2014 August 2nd

Pentecostal Church in progress as well.

2014 July 30th

2014 June 29th

Taken with Olloclip fisheye lens. 
Saffron condo on the left, then Tamarind, and Capers on the middle-right.

iPhone 5S with Olloclip fisheye lens. 
Block C on the left, middle is Block A and low-rise Block B on the right (Block D if i'm wrong)

Taken with iPhone 5S camera. Block C. 
First 5 floors unit facing school area with lengthy balcony. 

This taken with iPhone 5S and Olloclip wide angle lens.

iPhone 5S with Olloclip wide angle lens. That's why it is not as good as normal camera. This is block C's tower that facing schools area.

Pedestrian walkway and Caper's fencing.

There is door-size entrance along the Capers' fencing. 
Emergency exit I guess? Just like the one in Saffron's park. Hmm..

1st time came to this road after completion. Well done. But the school gate entrance is here, so its gonna be packed with cars in weekdays. 

2014 June 28th

click to watch in Youtube page for full HD ;-)

2014 March 26th

2013 November 30th

2013 October 15th

2012 April 29th

Block A rising up

Block C as well.

2012 July 2th
Block C is higher. The front block is Block A.

2012 July 8th

2012 July 22th

Block C is getting higher. See the curve?

2012 August 5th

I think less than 20 cows in total...

2012 October 14th
Block C

Block A

2012 December 12th (12/12/12)

Block C. I think that's around 25 or 26th floor. 26th floor is our floor.

2012 December 30th

2013 January 24th

2013 February 17th

2013 August


  1. How close to the Main entrance is the Indian temple? I understand it is open only in the evenings. So it wont be like...devotees thronging the temple 24/7...yes?

    1. The temple is just right infront of the main entrance, like 8 steps (a normal road) in between. Kekeke. According to my experience, the praying sessions quite happening. You just can't predict when they gonna have session. But luckily Im not living that close to temple, so it doesn't bother me with noises. You can survey Jalan Sentul Sejahtera (old name is Lorong Timur/Jalan Lima).