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Just feel like wanna create a page for The Fennel's construction progress, this is because of my unit is just opposite The Fennel, not as closer as Block A The Capers, but at least I still can capture some. 

NOTE: I am not salesman nor agent for The Fennel. I'm just happened to live across the street in Capers :)

Official Website:

Note: Dual Key concept was introduced in final block of Fennel.
Visit official website, click here
Floor plans for dual key concept, click here

The sequence of photos are in ascending order of progress. Scroll down to see the latest progress. Click pic for large view.

VIDEO: 9 Oct 2016 

VIDEO: 2 Nov 2015 - progress so far update from outside view

Photos from Brochure


Block D - until 12th floor

Block D - until 14th floor
Block C - until 6th floor
Block B - until 7th floor


Block D - side view

Block D - until 16th floor

Block D - reached 22th floor

Block D - reached 24th floor

Here's the video of the construction progress until 28/6/2015 :)


Block D 1st floor unit has done the balcony. The tampered glass panel & vertical fins. Probably for testing purpose.

A bit closer by zoom in with iPhone.

20/10/2015 - Swimming pool structure

*Photo courtesy by one friend in my instagram.

30/10/2015 - I walked around the Fennel construction (purposely go for lunch in Sentul Raya). Here's some photos update.

Fennel Entrance up there is already the 50m long swimming pool connecting two blocks.

This is Block A. 2nd fastest in construction speed, after Block D. I seldom take this block's photo because it hides behind block D, I can't view it from my unit in Capers.

Here's the close up to plaster ceiling that they are doing right now. So that you can have a idea what's inside your ceiling after VP...I guess that round box is the water heater tank thingy? 

Block A view from Jalan Sentul :) 

21/12/2015 - Windows Panelling is in progress for block D now.

2/1/2016 - block D reaches 36th floor.

19/1/2016 - The vertical cladding is up now until 4th floor.

18/4/2016 - Top floor of block D. 43 floors (penthouse is duplex unit).

Glass wall is up until 19th floor & still in progress. Balcony all way to 42nd floor.

The side wall cover is up on block A & block D

The Fennel Park. They finally starting to do something. Still can't figure out what they gonna do for that digging hole.

week ago I tot it was gonna be a pond or something, but now it is not. Can anyone guess what is it?

I saw they put some big pipes on the drain bottom right of the square hole they digged & now it is covered with dirt soil. You can't see the drain now in this picture. Compare it with 23/11/2016.

4 blocks of high rise all reached 43 floor (starting from car park ground floor all the way up to Duplex penthouse)

 The fencing of Fennel is slowly up. The garden is on progress. The land outside the Fence is unknown. According to source, it is belong to DBKL. If it is belong to DBKL, then i believe YTL doing it for the good will, just like Capers' public pedestrian walk along Jalan Enam and yet, Capers is paying for the maintenance, and NOT dbkl. Unbelievable! So Fennel owners, good luck to you. I can't imagine the whole piece of land outside Fennel fence you have to pay for the maintenance of landscaping as well as electricity & water bill. 


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